Don't leave your unwanted photographic gear gathering dust in your wardrobe.
If your DSLR  and Photographic Equipment hasn't seen the light of day for a while - why not consider selling it?
Three simple steps  
  1.  Bring your unwanted photographic Equipment for a instant quote
2.  We will then quote you a price or part exchange amount
3.  if you are happy with quote we will arrange payment or part  Exchange

its that EASY  We'll guarantee you a fair price every time Please note  It may be necessary to leave the equipment for a short time in order for us to check it out. please be advised that in order to complete the purchase of your photographic equipment you will need to supply us with two valid forms of  ID  one with you current address accepted forms of ID  PASSPORT DRIVING LICENCE UTILITY BILL WITH CURRENT ADDRESS

NEW FOR 2019 COMMISSION SALE Sell your un-wanted photographic equipment on " commission sale" with us We are always looking for high quality Digital/film photographic ( Nikon Canon Leica Mamiya Hasselblad Bronica Pentax Medium format fuji medium format contax medium format Rollei large format  for commission sale basis  we charge 30% commission and you receive 70% of the total selling price.Selling prices are agreed between ourselves and the customer. payment is made 2 weeks after the item is sold giving the purchaser 2 weeks to make sure they happy that the Equipment is in full working order items are Advertised in store and listed on our website together with photograph